Report: Audi may plan RS6 Avant ‘Plus’ with more power and performance

**NOTE: Standard RS6 pictured.

For those of you European lot who think that Audi’s current RS6 Avant isn’t enough, complete with its 552hp from its twin-turbocharged 4.0L V8? Well, some good news for you, especially you European lot.

CAR Magazine UK reports that Audi is planning a ‘Plus’ version of its current RS6 Avant with power output nearing 600hp. But why?

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Audi once did a ‘Plus’ version of its RS6 Avant in 2004, which bumped its original power output from 450hp to 480hp. Upgraded brakes, a decrease in ride height, stiffer suspension and unique interior and exterior options were made standard. Only 999 were built with 100 reaching the UK.

The second generation RS6 Avant skimped out on the RS6 Avant ‘Plus’ because engineers at the time didn’t think the current generation RS6 Avant’s V8 was going to top the second generation RS6’s V10. The only performance tweak made available for the V10 RS6 was a raise in the top speed limiter.

Audi’s Stephan Reil, the one who’s in charge of this entire RS6 Avant project, told CAR that the current RS6 Avant is going to only be kept at 556hp for this year.

“It needs to be 8-10% to really notice it,” Reil told CAR. “Reckon on at least 600bhp, then.”

Another special detail is that this RS6 Avant ‘Plus’ won’t be a limited production model. This is much like its other high-performance siblings, the TT RS Plus and the new R8 V10 Plus, which are all full production.

Additionally, this RS6 Avant ‘Plus’ is said to get a weight reduction as well.

“A Plus model could have more power, or less weight, and a Plus model should always handle differently to the standard car,” Reil said.

Audi’s CEO Wolfgang Durheimer reportedly also expressed his approval in the increase in use of carbon technology, which will be used in future Audis of all sorts.

And to address any speculation about an Audi RS5 Plus, Reil said that the RS5’s current 4.2L V8 is already stretched to its limits in terms of its power. They may be able to yield as much of a 2% increase, but he emphasized that “you would not feel it.” Though CAR speculates that weight savings and chassis updates could potentially be enough to spawn an RS5 Plus.

But at the end of the day, Reil did profess his love for both the RS4 and RS5 and he said he will “fight for its future.”

– By: Chris Chin

Source: CAR