Ford Fusion Energi can travel 620 miles in total, 21 miles in EV mode

Earlier this month, FoMoCo announced that its new plug-in hybrid version of the Fusion sedan, the Ford Fusion Energi, achieved an EPA rating of 108 MPGe. Now that doesn’t really mean much to the average buyer besides that that figure is higher than a fully gasoline powered car with an ‘e’ at the end of it.

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Ford has now announced some real-life figures stating that the Ford Fusion Energi can travel a total of 620 miles before needing to be charged or gassed up. In electric-only mode, the Ford Fusion Energi can travel 21 miles, which is a bit lower than most of its competitors.

“Fusion Energi rounds out Ford’s list of available electrified vehicles perfectly by delivering another option to those who want to drive a hybrid without sacrificing comfort and convenience,” said Raj Nair, group vice president, Global Product Development. “In fact, Fusion Energi’s ability to drive up to 620 miles without stopping for gas or to charge a battery almost epitomizes convenience.”

The 2013 Fusion Energi SE trim is priced from $39,495 while the Fusion Energi Titanium costs $40,995.

– By: Omar Rana