Ford offers concept Transit Connect Wagon sleigh for Santa Claus

Today is Christmas Eve and we’re going to bring you all the ‘fun’ stuff some automakers release during this time of the year. First up is FoMoCo, who is Santa Claus “save future Christmases” with an all-new 2014 Transit Connect Wagon sleigh.

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“Due to larger-than-ever numbers of children on his ‘nice’ list’ Claus needed a new sleigh with maximum fuel economy and cargo space to efficiently deliver all his presents around the world,” Ford said in a statement.

The Ford Transit Connect Wagon sleigh is a design concept for Santa and is powered by an EcoBoost engine that delivers more than 30 mpg.

“My goal is and always has been giving presents to good girls and boys, and a new sleigh will make that process more effective,” he says. “Let’s face it, every year there are more children who earn presents. Things are simply getting out of control, and my old sleigh just isn’t going to be able to hack it much longer. With the new sleigh, I will be able to travel faster and carry more toys.”

– By: Omar Rana