Report: Acura ILX not selling as well as expected, upgrades already in the works

While Acura’s sales are climbing once again after last year’s earthquake inventory crisis, the brand’s new ILX compact sedan has been a disappointment in terms of sales.

The Acura ILX ‘is not hitting its sales expectations,” said John Mendel, American Honda executive vice president.

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Originally, the Civic-based Acura ILX was meant to replace the larger TSX – however, November was only the second time that the ILX outsold the TSX, which is still doing well. Last month, Acura sold a total of 2,108 units of the ILX – that doesn’t compare to well to the 3,575 units that Buick sold of the Verano or the 3,343 units that Audi sold of the A4.

So what’s the issue? According to Mendel, the main issue is the 2.0 liter engine that is “underpowered, and consumers don’t see the value.” The upmarket 2.4 liter engine only comes with a manual transmission.

Acura is now planning a powertrain change for the ILX.

“The car was planned for a 2.4 automatic, and we’re working to fulfill that,” Mendel said. “We’re looking to sell about 30,000 units a year, and we’re probably closer to 22 or 24 right now. We’re hitting two-thirds of our expectations, but we’re growing every month and catching on more.”

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoNews