Video: Top Gear reveals the secret life of The Stig with new book, Stig not happy

The Stig Book

Famed among automotive enthusiasts, The Stig is the mysterious white-suited racer that tears up the track on the T.V. show Top Gear (in case you didn’t already know). His secret identity is part of his identity, so much so that host Jeremy Clarkson introduces him every episode with a “some say” tagline, revealing a new speculation each time.

Well, the secret is out and in print to boot, with a new book titled “The Stig. The Untold Story.” It is written by a dedicated journalist who took on the presumably difficult task of following The Stig around for a year.

The publisher, Ebury, has released a brief description of the book:

“The book is no ordinary biography and the Stig wasn’t a willing subject. The journalist spent a year following a Stig shaped trail to discover the truth of the man in the white suit. How as he got so many celebrity friends, where does he come from and how exactly did he influence Punk? The year-long quest took him from Surrey to another part of Surrey to the very ends of Surrey and then, unexpectedly, to Finland before returning to Surrey. Along the way he unearthed remarkable information about The Stig’s influence in areas as diverse as motorsport, international politics and the punk movement. He also got covered in a strange green substance.”

Also featured in the book are interviews with prominent Formula 1 figures and co-stars. In the process an amusing video was also filmed of The Stig tearing down promo posters and buying every copy of the book from a Tesco Watford store, adding them to an existing pile on the passenger’s seat of the Lamborghini Aventador he then pulls off in.

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-By: Alexandra Koken