Tesla Model S software update introduces ‘Vehicle Sleep’ feature to help increase range

Tesla Motors announced that it will be released a new software update in the coming days, launching a bunch of updates and new features in the Model S electric-sedan.

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New features include Vehicle Sleep, App Launcher, Release Notes and Voice Commands. With the Vehicle Sleep function, the new energy-saving functionality will power off the giant display and vehicle electronics each time you exit. Tesla says that by not using the sleep feature, the Model S range will drop up to 8 miles per day when the car is not plugged in, and will also reduce the life of your 12V battery and vehicle electrical systems.

The update will also bring some enhancements to the Model S including Synchronized Door Handles, USB Media Browsing, Alphabetical Index, Calling from Maps, Steering Wheel Controls, Fan Speed / Sunroof, Throttle Response, HomeLink – Location Awareness and the Energy App.

– By: Omar Rana