Bisimoto Engineering puts 600-hp into the Hyundai Elantra GT hatch

Hitting Sema showroom floors for the first time this year is the Hyundai Elantra GT hatchback, and it intends to be noticed.

Bisimoto Engineering out of California tuned up the Elantra and gave it an impressive power tune that rivals even much more pricey competition. The tuning house took the 1.8-liter four banger and added con0rods, a Turbonetics turbocharger, high-pressure injectors, Arias pistons, AEM water-methanol injection and a slew of other upgrades.

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Combined, the mods kick out over 600hp, which is completely insane given its stock figure of 148hp.

“When the Elantra GT was introduced by Hyundai, we knew it would be a perfect platform for us to showcase our tuning prowess,” said Hedi Kim, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Bisimoto Engineering.

He continued: “With our experience in forced induction and small-displacement engines, we focused on raw horsepower with this SEMA concept. We think the final product is a great example of just what can be achieved with turbocharging and engine tuning in the present day.”

While Bisimoto could have stopped there without complaint, the tuning house didn’t leave anything by offering up exterior, interior and performance mods. Some of the extras include an ARK custom body kit, a JFN full roll cage, 18-inch wheels, Bisimoto racing seats and harnesses and a coilover suspension and sway bar.

Hats off to you, Bisimoto, and applauses all around.

-By: Alexandra Koken