Report: Cadillac considering XLR successor and a flagship sedan

Cadillac has a couple new models under consideration according to Robert E. Ferguson, the automaker’s new global vice president.

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Ferguson says that the company has a vision to become a “valued international brand”, to compete with established names like BMW, Mercedes and Audi. According to an interview with Financial Times, he also told the publication that a new flagship model is being considered to achieve that goal, along with a two-seater sports model, which would basically be the XLR’s successor.

With hot competition from the Mercedes SL-Class, the Corvette-based XLR never did well although it has a more bearable sticker. With that said, it’s debatable if Caddy will use the next-gen Corvette as the platform for the new model.

GM CEO Dan Akerson noted that Cadillac is “planning the most extensive round of product launches and upgrades in its history. The Cadillac brand will hit a higher gear under his (Ferguson’s) watch.”

Cadillac is certainly capable of producing an exceptional product, so if what’s to come is as big as Akerson is hinting towards be prepared for some great things to happen.

-By: Alexandra Koken

Source: Inside Line