Report: Bentley SUV Concept may get some tweaks

After much debate, Bentley landed on adding an SUV to its ultra-luxury line up with the EXP 9 F concept, which recently was met with much criticism at the Paris Motor Show.

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Matin Broomer, a Bentley spokesman, indicated that the same occurred at Pebble Beach this year, so the concept may be redesigned entirely, and Car Design News has reported that changes have already begun. Broomer also noted that the model was not a pre-production model but a showcar.

Designer Luc Donckerwolke, known for overseeing the designs for Lamborghini’s Murcielago and Gallardo models, has recently taken over the project and is likely responsible for the changes.

“Response was more polite than enthusiastic among members of the news media,” wrote The New York Times. “Some privately expressed shock at the vehicle’s Olympian dimensions and chiseled, block-of-granite styling.”

We’ll see what’s next for the concept, as it will be difficult to shift the public’s opinions on a concept that was controversial from its inception, then followed up with lukewarm to negative reactions upon arrival.

-By: Alexandra Koken

Source: InsideLine