Report: BBC2 Top Gear’s presenters sign another three-year contract to host the show

The United Kingdom’s renown news agency, The Guardian, reports that BBC2 Top Gear’s presenters Jeremy Carkson, James May, and Richard Hammond have all signed a new three-year contract to continue hosting the world’s most watched factual show.

“BBC Worldwide has agreed new commercial deals with Jeremy, James, Richard and Andy to secure Top Gear’s international future for another three years,” a BBC Worldwide spokesman told The Guardian, “This agreement secures the commercial future of Top Gear without using a penny of licence fee money and allows us to continue to grow the brand around the world, reinvest in Top Gear and return profits to the BBC.”

Ever since Jeremy Clarkson’s skyrocket in fame at the BBC, he has since become the highest-paid BBC star, which also was aided by Clarkson’s joint-venture with BBC2 Top Gear’s producer, Andy Wilman. That venture is known as Bedder 6 and it was established by Clarkson and Wilman to increase profits from commercialization of the Top Gear brand. This prevented the inflation of Clarkson’s salary from licensing fees.

Still, the future of BBC2 Top Gear looks to be bright as we can obviously look forward to seeing the entertaining triplet on our big screen for the next three years.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: TheGuardianUK