Report: Nissan purchases two LEAF models from unhappy owners

Nissan LEAF

Two Nissan Leaf models have been bought back from their owners by the automaker as what the company is calling a “goodwill gesture” due to complaints that the ev’s batteries are aging too quickly.

Although they claim the battery loss is expected for all electric vehicles, Nissan has initiated an independent study of the Leaf after the Pheonix, AZ area owners made their claims. Projected battery life is said to reduce to 80 percent after 5 years and 70 percent after 10 years with average usage.

“The company’s investigation has determined that there is no defect with the Nissan Leaf, but we did use a buyback formula modeled on an Arizona state repurchase law,” wrote David P. Reuter, Nissan Americas vice president of corporate communications, in response to an e-mailed query WITH Edmunds.

While the amount that Nissan paid to buy the vehicles back remains undisclosed, the company says it used the formula the Arizona state repurchase law offers.

Reuter added: “Also, keep in mind that the customer concerns in Phoenix are from a very small handful of Leaf owners in the context of our worldwide population of vehicles. We have sold more than 38,000 Leafs worldwide to date, with more than 14,000 of those in the United States. In Phoenix, we have sold approximately 450 vehicles, with the majority of those to very satisfied owners. It’s important that this perceived issue is placed in context. We are not happy that we have any customers with concerns and we’re working hard to improve our customer communications to better meet their expectations.”

-By: Alexandra Koken

Source: InsideLine