Report: Volvo may introduce compact “Mini” fighter in the future

AutomotiveNews reports that Volvo may be considering a compact luxury car to tighten their aim on Germany’s top brass. Word is that should this compact car take form, it will be built to compete against BMW’s Mini brand and Audi’s A1.

Because Volvo needs a partner to share the costs of such a project, chances are that the car will be a joint project between Zhejiang Geely of China, according to Volvo’s CEO, Steve Jacoby, who spoke to AutomotiveNews Europe.

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“Premium customers no longer define luxury based on the size of the car or number of cylinders, there are other attributes which will come into play. My priority is to bring the Scalable Platform Architecture online and to renew Volvo’s core ranges, the 60, the 80/90 and the SUVs,” Jacoby said. “When I have managed this, I will look to diversification, going into niches, doing sporty versions and also looking to smaller cars.

Jacoby didn’t exactly say when we could expect this “Mini fighter,” but he did say that Volvo is in no rush since the V40 just debuted and is targeted at the Audi A3 and BMW 1-Series.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutomotiveNews