Report: Infiniti to make their future designs more youthful, while communicating fuel efficiency

The biggest news from this past weekend of course was the recent Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance where car enthusiasts and wealthy businessmen actually came together without much quibble. There, they share the love for some of the greatest automobile machinery ever built in history, new and old.

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Of course, because of its prominence, many corporate figures were there and AutomotiveNews was able to sit down with Nissan and Infiniti—Shiro Nakamura, the global design chief for both automakers.

In the interview, AN learned that Infiniti seeks to make their cars look lighter and thinner.

“We want to look leaner, more athletic,” said Shiro Nakamura. “I’m happy with our designs today, Infiniti has a very distinctive look now, in the front grille and in the shape of the body. But I’d like to make it a little younger and more athletic, and thin it down.”

Japanese automakers have been known to be very artful with their engineering design. And it has very much evolved in many ways. Nakamura also added that he seeks to make the brand more youthful in coming years. He believes that future designs should help Infiniti communicate fuel efficiency by aesthetic design as well.

Nakamura also added that the latest Emerg-E concept is an example of “architectural departure” for Infiniti. In other words, Infiniti’s near-future design language will heavily reflect on the Emerg-E’s design.

“The next G will see a similar direction [of the Emerg-E],” Nakamura said. “We avoided making it a wedge shape, which is typical of mid-engine cars. We don’t want a wedge shape for Infiniti.”

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutomotiveNews