McLaren 12C Can-AM Edition Concept to debut at Pebble Beach

A new concept from McLaren will be making its first appearance at Pebble Beach from the McLaren Group’s manufacturers McLaren GT.

Dubbed the McLaren 12C Can-Am Edition, the concept is coated in McLaren Orange and Satin Black paint, with the latter used as an accent along with carbon fiber. The exterior’s overall design was created with aerodynamics in mind, of course, and achieves an increase in downforce of 30 percent thanks to Formula 1 technology.

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To achieve this, McLaren uses carbon fiber parts that include drive planes, front splitter and a wing. With carbon fiber being used for much of the body, the total weight comes in at 2,645 lbs.

Power for the model starts with a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that has undergone custom calibration to produce 630hp, which is more then any other 12C-based model. Considering this is strictly a concept at this point, McLaren was not restricted in its construction by race regulations, but it has been designed to be the ‘ultimate track car’, so expect some things to change if it hits production.

Stopping power is provided by Akebono, and a set of Pirelli slicks wrap the black-satin colored alloy wheels.

As for the interior, the Can-Am Edition comes with two black racing seats with six-point harnesses, a steering wheel borrowed from the 12C-GT3, a roll cage, and carbon fiber accents to match the exterior.

– By: Alexandra Koken