Dad modifies 5-Year son’s Lightning McQueen Powerwheel

Evan's Lightning McQueen Powerwheel

Evan is undoubtedly the coolest kid in his neighborhood as the proud owner of a modified Lightning McQueen Powerwheel.

When Evan was two years old, he got his Powerwheel as a Christmas gift, and literally, rode it ‘til the wheels fell off’, wearing through the plastic tires after three years of play. This is where it came in handy that his dad, Sean, happens to be a part of the FFTEC Motorsports tuning company team.

Sean and Evan tuned up the McQueen with everything from wheels and tires to a 500 Watt, 0.66-hp electric motor.

This is ‘my first tuner’ at it’s finest. I can only imagine what this pair will be building in 10 or 15 years. I expect great things from this kid.

– By: Alexandra Koken