Report: All-new Range Rover/RR Sport due at Paris, possible compact crossover in the works

2012 Land Rover Lineup

AutomotiveNews reports that Land Rover will be making some significant changes to its lineup in the near future. Most of the news surrounds the current Range Rover–which has been in production since 2003 in its current form based on a platform co-designed with BMW–the much-anticipated Defender successor, and the Range Rover’s sibling, the Range Rover Sport.

Beginning with the full-size flagship, the completely redesigned Range Rover is expected to debut at this year’s Paris auto show in September. It will ditch the 12-year old BMW-design platform in place of a modular aluminum structure—the same one that underpins the Jaguar XJ sedan. That will supposedly allow for a loss of 600 lbs when compared to the current model. Additionally, a longer wheelbase is expected as well. Most importantly, a plug-in hybrid model is also planned for the release of the new Range Rover.

Of course, since the standard Range Rover is getting a redesign, its lesser sibling, the Range Rover Sport will be redesigned and will debut next to the standard Rover. It will utilize the new modular platform that underpins the next generation LR2, the LR4, and the up and coming Range Rover. A hybrid version is expected a well.

The LR2 carries on unchanged with a redesign due in 2014 and the LR4 is also expected to get a redesign in 2015 or 2016.

Lastly, the Defender is still deep in the works as Land Rover is still researching and developing the model. Even though the concept debuted last year as the DC100, the redesigned Defender isn’t expected to enter production until 2015 for non-US markets. LR is still unsure about bringing the Defender back to the states as the brand may instead go for a more entry-level Range Rover Evoque with less amenities to verse the Mini Countryman.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutomotiveNews