Report: Ford Motor Company suing supplier Dana for faulty Windstar frames

2003 Ford Windstar

The Associated Press and Washington Post report that Ford Motor Company has just filed a lawsuit against auto parts supplier Dana Corp. for faulty vehicle frames. More specifically, the vehicle frames that are being described as faulty are the ones that were used to build the last generation Ford Windstar. In 2011, Ford issued a massive recall of 425,000 Windstar minivans due to rust issues in cold-weather climates.

In response, Dana Corp. has denied responsibility for the frames, which were found to significantly and prematurely rust from road salt, causing catastrophic failures. Ford Motor Company just seeks reimbursement from Dana, though they did not specify how much.

Despite the lawsuit, Ford says that they’re continuing business as usual.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: TheWashingtonPost