Report: Formula One CEO Bernie Ecclestone may buy bankrupt Nurburgring

Bernie Ecclestone Profile

Fans and enthusiasts all over have been cringing over the fact that the Nurburgring is on the verge of collapsing due to bankruptcy. And this was due to the fact that the current owners of the world’s most famous closed road racing circuit sort of bit off more than they could chew. In efforts to make the Nurburgring more of a tourist attraction, complete with an amusement park and shopping mall, the ‘Ring soon found itself in the situation its in today.

Though it seems the Nurburgring may still have a chance as reports are now saying that Formula One Chief Executive Officer, Bernie Ecclestone, has expressed interest in purchasing the Nurburgring—according to some reports by German-based Die Rheinpfalz. And that’s a move that could potentially save the track from truly going under. Even though Ecclestone apparently declined to comment on the situation, Die Rheinpfalz apparently cited Ecclestone for saying that despite his interest, a Formula One race at the Nurburgring will not happen at his own expense.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Bloomberg