Automotive Color Palettes are getting more retro

Trends tend to happen in cycles, revived decades later when they seem fresh again, wheather it be music, fashion, or, in this case, cars. With silver continually being the most popular color for some time now, a change in automotive paint color is bound to happen sooner then later, and that’s just what BASF Automotive Coating’s latest report reflects.

Every year the company’s experts from various regions of the world collaborate to predict the next color trend, and this year, BASF’s designers are predicting that earth tones and “naturally cultivated” colors are the next big thing. These colors include brown, blue, green and berry and copper tones, reminiscent of the palettes that painted the 70’s.

Green, in particular, is expected to gain the most popularity in the next five years, while today’s usual suspects, white, silver, and grey, are likely to fade. Already, in China, automakers are starting to use a spread of gold shades in their lineups.

Corinna Sy, BASF Coatings Europe, gets deep on the subject: “We are observing new narrative and haptic qualities in many areas. Heavy substances, striking surfaces and expressive materials such as wood and stone create a stronger emotional connection to the world we live in. In the automotive world, this means that we can expect more intensive colors and bolder effects. The new colors are expressive, but not blatant, like a good story.”

I’m still partial to all black, but it will be nice to see a little less silver and a little more variety on the road.

By: Alexandra Koken

Source: BASF (via AutoBlog)