1980 BMW M1 with 2,200 miles up for sale in Texas

One of the most rare and exclusive cars ever made by BMW has popped up for sale in Texas. A 1980 BMW M1 is sitting in pristine condition at Texas-based car dealer Motoreum, who just acquired the car with very low miles.

How low you ask? 2,200 miles. It seems like the owner barely ever enjoyed the car to the fullest.

The dealer hasn’t said how much it is asking for the 1980 M1, but did say that more photos are to come by the end of the week.

The 1980 M1 was powered by 1 3.5 liter straight 6-cylinder making 274-hp and was mated to a 5-speed manual. Top speed came in at 162 mph.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: CarScoop