GM working on wireless pedestrian detection technology system (w/ Video)

General Motors Wireless Pedestrian

General Motors released some details about a feature driver assistance feature that is capable of detecting pedestrians and bicyclists on crowded streets or in poor visibility conditions – way before the driver even notices them.

GM says that the system relies on Wi-Fi Direct, a peer-to-peer wireless system that allows devices like some smartphones to communicate with each other. The engineers at GM have determined Wi-Fi Direct can connect with other sensor-based object detection systems. GM is also looking at a complementary app for Wi-Fi Direct-capable smartphones that can be downloaded by frequent road users.

“This new wireless capability could warn drivers about pedestrians who might be stepping into the roadway from behind a parked vehicle, or bicyclists who are riding in the car’s blind spot,” said Nady Boules, GM Global R&D director of the Electrical and Control Systems Research Lab. “Wi-Fi Direct has the potential to become an integral part of the comprehensive driver assistance systems we offer on many of our Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC vehicles.”

– By: Omar Rana