Report: Caterham working on a new sports car, US may get a slice

2010 Caterham 7

Small British carmaker Caterham is reportedly working on a new sports car in hopes to move upmarket. According to WhatCar?, Caterham’s boss Graham MacDonald confirmed that their new project “two-seater sports car” will be pegged above the traditional model Seven.

The new model, unlike the Seven, will come with a fixed roof and will be more comfortable and luxurious. MacDonald was also reported to say that it’ll utilize a range of Ford’s four-cylinder engines, maintaining an already long-standing relationship. Though the powerplants will most likely be fitted with superchargers. A V6 engine is also being considered, but was said to be described as “less likely to hit production.”

But if you were thinking that Caterham is working on a near-$100,000 sports car, so is not the case as MacDonald apparently said that it’ll cost around £40,000 or roughly $56,745.

MacDonald also said that this new sports car will have a more global reach for Caterham, particularly in the Asian markets with a distinct possibility for some US-bound versions as well. If all goes as planned, manufacturing is most likely to take place in Asia.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: WhatCarUK