Toyota TRD GT86 Special Edition is only for the UK

After its debut earlier this year at the Tokyo Auto Salon, the Toyota Racing Development GT86 will be hitting the pavement in January 2013 as a special edition model for the UK market. Toyota is presenting this variant as its “ultimate road going evolution” for the model.

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For the interior, TRD folds some new things into the instrument panel such as the Sports Meter Link System that monitors oil and water temperatures and pressure gauges. In addition, the GT86 includes a set of bucket-style sports seats, a TRD badged gearshift knob and a red push button start switch.

TRD added a lower front spoiler, aerodynamic front wheel ‘fins’, an under spoiler, wider side skirts and a larger boot lid wing. A set of black, 18-inch alloy wheels have been added as well, with Michelin providing the rubber.

The chassis has also been upgraded with thicker anti-roll bars in both the front and rear, a mono block brake kit with larger calipers and grooved and vented rotors sized 355mm up front and 345mm in the rear, along with an adjustable suspension.

Toyota also added in a new quad exhaust system that is said to provide better sound and engine response. No other power or performance modifications have been made.

– By: Alexandra Koken