Report: BMW 7-Series may get M treatment, details on next gen 7

Automotive news outlets around the world have all heard through the grapevine that BMW was considering the thought of producing an M-tuned 7-Series.

While Mercedes-Benz kept the full-sized luxury Autobahn-stormer segment alive with their AMG S-Class, Audi with their S8, Jaguar with their XJR, and now, Porsche with their Panamera, the only one who seems to be lagging behind are Lexus and BMW—Alpina B7 excluded, as BMW’s M-Division has no connection to that car.

Some new reports are out are suggesting that BMW may perhaps get a little closer to producing an M7, though, not quite exactly. To be more specific, the BMW 7-Series will soon be offered with a special M-Package, donning a name that seems to have been chosen by picking a random name in a hat: “M770i xDrive.” I can already sense the cringing from the BMW enthusiasts…

The reports say that this new M770i xDrive will don a 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 that will produce 475hp and 480 lb-ft of torque.  Right off of the bat, those numbers don’t best the 7-Series’ top dog, the V12 powered 760Li, which produces 570hp and a whopping 665 lb-ft of twist.

And that’s because this new M770i xDrive has been described to be much more like an agile 7-Series. That may seem like a bit of an oxymoron, but the Germans have clearly proven that they could make a land yacht quick on its feet, much like a 280-pound linebacker.

The roof, trunk, and hood are said to be composed of carbon fiber, while other weight saving technologies will also be found. To add, the same sources of the reports also said that the next generation 7-Series will feature carbon fiber architecture, while the rest of the car will be composed mostly of aluminum, and a dollop of steel.

Speaking of which, other details have been shared surrounding the next generation 7-Series, which may include a 260hp four-cylinder, two plug-in electric variants, as well as the traditional inline-six and V8 powered 7-Series. Lastly, the next gen 7 is also expected to get ZF’s all-new nine-speed automatic.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Automobile