Report: John Cooper Works Mini Coupe GP cancelled

2013 Mini Coupe

A new report is out surrounding MINI’s latest project, the much anticipated John Cooper Works MINI Coupe GP. Photos hade been leaked of the JCW MINI Coupe GP roaming the streets of Germany. Even then, many were postulating and preparing for a launch sometime in 2013.

Now, some new reports are out saying that MINI in both North American and Europe have confirmed with MotoringFile that the JCW Coupe GP has been cancelled. But why?

According to those MINI sources, the brand was concerned that the JCW MINI Coupe GP would jeopardize the hatchback-based MINI R56 GP’s uniqueness. In other words, MINI thinks that the models will be too similar.

The sources did add that the GP Coupe maybe dead, but not permanently.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: MotoringFile