Report: Infiniti’s design chief talks about future flagship, new G and luxury hatch

Some news is out surrounding Infiniti today, and in that news, word is that Infiniti is honing down on its choices as the brand considers its all-new flagship. Additionally, there are some new details that hint at the all-new 2014 Infiniti G Sedan and the anticipated compact luxury hatchback. These bits of news come from Nissan and Infiniti’s current design chief, Shiro Nakamura, who spoke to InsideLine in a recent interview.

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So far, Infiniti said that they’re seriously eyeing the Emerge-E Concept as being the one to make it to production. If all goes well, Infiniti will produce the Emerge-E in Britain in very small volumes. Taking after the Emerge-E itself, the new Infiniti flagship is expected to don a range-extending hybrid powertrain. Though at this point, trials for new suppliers have only begun. To add, Nakamura also said that Infiniti may pair up with Lotus to help them build the Emerge-E.

As for the Infiniti G sedan that’s coming in 2014, Nakamura said that we could expect the new G Sedan to debut in 2013.

“Today’s G looks a bit fat, but the new G has really nice proportions, and it’s much sportier,” he said. “The compact hatchback is very expressive, but not like the (Infiniti) FX. I’m very content with them.”

Along side the G Sedan’s debut, we could also expect a production version of a new small hatchback that will be loosely based off of the Infiniti Etherea Concept, which is pegged for a 2014 arrival. The hatchback is also said to undercut the G Sedan’s base price.

And lastly, Nakamura made some brief comments about some new, more powerful and more efficient downsized engines are on the way as well, while most of Infiniti’s SUV line will carry on as is.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: InsideLine