Report: Mazda brochure leaks facelift changes to 2013 MX-5/Miata

With the recent death of the Wankel rotary powered-RX8, Mazda’s MX-5/Miata roadster takes the title as the brand’s only sports car in its current lineup. That said, some new reports are out suggesting that Mazda is giving the 2013 MX-5/Miata a nice facelift.

Through some leaked photos of an online brochure discovered on the Interwebs, it can be seen that the new MX-5 receives a revised grill, black-bezel headlights, and reshaped foglights.

Additionally, some other pictures of the brochure showed the new MX-5 receiving a new “active-hood” that pops up in the event of a car-pedestrian collision. To add, Mazda seems to have added a new collection of optional exterior colors as well.

Though because details weren’t too specific, it’s currently unknown as to whether there were any changes to the drive- or powertrain. Either way, we’ll be sure to find out what Mazda has exactly done to update the MX-5/Miata when they give out an official press release.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: CarScoop