Report: General Motors talks to Facebook about rebooting advertising

General Motors and Facebook

Not too long ago, General Motors made a move to pull their ads from the social networking giant, Facebook, because they found it to be “ineffective.”

Following those events, which occurred in mid-May, just prior to Facebook going public, General Motors has reportedly expressed recent interest in paying Facebook for advertising spots once again, rather than using Facebook’s free pages for marketing—which is what they’ve been doing after pulling their ads in the first place.

Reports have disclosed that GM’s Dan Akerson, and Facebook’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, have been discussing such plans. Though before General Motors reinstates its ad campaign on Facebook, GM apparently demands that more evidence be displayed to help prove that advertising on Facebook is effective.

General Motors was found to be spending nearly $10 million on Facebook ads annual, and over $30 million on its Facebook fan page—a small fraction of GM’s annual spending budget on advertising worldwide, which is $4 billion.

Other than reports of the talks, there have been no specific details or pointers as to whether how far either Facebook or General Motors have progressed.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: DetroitNews