Report: Toyota to use BMW 6-Series architecture for new Supra

During their announcement of further collaboration last week, Toyota and BMW revealed that the two will be teaming up on architecture and components for a future sports vehicle. Of course, besides all the other fuel-efficient and ‘save-mother-nature’ technologies the two will be teaming up on, the sports car grabbed our attention the most.

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After doing some serious digging for more details – I came across this on AutoNew:

“A BMW insider speculated that the collaboration could provide the basis for the return of the Toyota Supra, possibly using the BMW 6-series architecture.”

Sounds outstanding!

Word on the street is that the another possibility for the ‘sports car’ is a Lexus supercar. Well, Toyota, if you’re listening, we’d rather have a Supra.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoNews