Rick Hendrick builds a custom engine for 2012 COPO Camaro (w/ Video)

Chevrolet offers several ‘Engine Build Experience’ opportunities unmatched in the industry, including the Corvette Engine Build Experience, Crate Engine Build Experience and the COPO Engine Build Experience. The latter’s latest customer is Nascar team Hendrick Motorsports Rick Hendrick.

Hendrick recently completed the build of his 2012 Copo Camaro, as one of the 69 built. Last year, he took advantage of the program, building a Corvette engine. He comments “Last year’s Corvette engine built was such a memorable experience that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do it again with a COPO Camaro. As a Chevrolet enthusiast and collector, it’s a real privilege to do something like this.”

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The COPO Camaro was crafted as a drag-racing specialty that to compete with the average 9 quarter mile times in NHRA’s Stock Eliminator and Super Stock classes.

“Building an engine is a time-honered tradition in hot rodding, and this program allows enthusiasts to enjoy that magical do-it-yourself feeling, while still enjoying the value of a GM Powertrain-engineered and factory-warrantied engine,” said Jim Campbell, GM U.S. vice president of Performance Vehicles and Motorsports. “For hands-on hot rodders, these programs truly enable them to say they did it all when it came to building their project. There’s nothing else like it in the industry.”

By: Alexandra Koken