2013 Infiniti EX and FX crossovers finally get 3.7L V6, G25 sees early death

2012 Infiniti FX

Infiniti recently released a very lengthy press release that outlined some future plans for the brand. So guess what, here’s a little bit of a summary as to what it basically said.

We start with Infiniti’s excellent crossovers, the EX and the FX, both of which finally receive the brand’s latest 3.7L 325hp V6 that first debuted with the current generation G range. As a result, the V6 EX and FX models will obviously no longer be called the EX35 or FX35, but rather the EX37 and the FX37 to follow the brand’s nomenclature rules. But if you’re still looking for more oomph, don’t worry because the V8-powered FX50 monster is still available with 390hp on tap.

But to add a slightly confusing twist to this bit of news, the new full-size JX crossover still only comes with the 3.5L version of Nissan’s VQ V6 motor.

Changing topic either way, we then come to the entry-level, economically inclined, G25 sedan. That will be getting the axe by next year due to slow sales. That said, after December of this year, the G25 will no longer be available, leaving just the standard G37 models along with the new high-performance IPL G models.

And that’s basically it!

– By: Chris Chin