Report: 2002 Volkswagen ‘Mk4’ Golf TDI S exceeds 450,000 miles on original engine

Many of the car enthusiasts will agree that Volkswagens, especially ones from the 2000s, have a spotty reliability rating and reputation at best. Though a number of factors are responsible for such a rep, especially in this country. But it doesn’t defeat the fact that if you take care of your automobile, just like if you take care of your body, it will certainly reward for being well-maintained.

To help bolster this, Roy Dyson, an owner of a 2002 ‘Mk4’ generation Volkswagen Golf S TDI decided to share his story with Road & Track Magazine and how it achieved 450,000 miles.

He bought the car virtually brand new 10 years ago, when it had just 6,021 miles on the odometer. By July of 2004, he hit 100,000 miles. June 2005 rolled around, and so did the 150,000 mark, and so on. By June of 2007, he was well passed 250,000 miles. Talk about a lot of driving…

According to Dyson, just shortly after 300,000 miles rolled by, his Golf experienced its only recorded breakdown. Dyson and his companion were travelling through a snowstorm, but had to spend a night in the car when the alternator died in the winter of 2010. When the weather cleared, the alternator was replaced by his roadside service.

Dyson added that other than regular oil changes and regular maintenance, and some attention towards the braking system, the Golf TDI needed very little to keep going. Otherwise, the expected replacement of clutches, brakes and wheel bearings, a regular timing belt change ever 60,000 miles, and several sets of Michelin Energy tires were done.

Today, the car is still on its original engine with the original head still intact while burning very little oil and averaging 45 US mpg. Very impressive indeed. Now if he keeps on going, I wonder if Volkswagen will reward him if he reaches the 1,000,000 mark like Saab had done to an owner of an all original Saab 900 Turbo S Convertible.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Road&Track