Rolls-Royce invites its customers to dine on the assembly line

Rolls-Royce - Dine on the line

Rolls-Royce does a lot of special and exclusive things for its customer base – as they should since their customers are willing to part with more than $300,000 every time they purchase one.

To show the company’s appreciation, Rolls-Royce decided to do something it has never done before in the company’s history – get more than a 100 of its special customers to ‘dine on the line’ – we mean the assembly line.

Of course the assembly line was transformed into a luxurious and exquisite dining room, with guests entertained in the very place where every Rolls-Royce motor car in the world is hand-built.

“Arriving in chauffeured Rolls-Royce Phantoms or by helicopter, the guests were welcomed to the Home of Rolls-Royce by members of the management team and hosted on a red carpet stroll through the production area,” Rolls said in a statement. “Craftsmen and women were on hand to demonstrate their skills, including coachline painter Mark Court; guests were encouraged to try their hand at creating the perfect coachline with a Phantom Extended Wheelbase as their canvas.”

Sounds pretty exclusive to me – I’m just wondering what the guest list looked like.

– By: Omar Rana