Carroll Shelby fans around the world pay tribute with a ‘moment of noise’

Shelby Tribute

Auto enthusiasts have felt the death of motoring tycoon, Carroll Shelby, all around the world. That said, in his spirit, many have congregated to pay their respects by giving a “moment of noise.”

A collection of videos were found of recent gathers of Shelby fans all around the world, in which at a given moment for a select amount of time, would perform a salute to Shelby by revving their engines.

And while the videos may not provide much in terms of action, the pure sound of metal on metal and internal combustion goodness in large gatherings is enough of a spectacle to remind us of how Carroll Shelby helped embed the muscle car into automotive history.

Check out the videos after the jump.

– By Chris Chin

Source: AutoweekYouTube