Report: Lexus to trademark spindle grille designs for future models

Automobile brands tend to come up with unique design features and cues that pose as signature elements, which help identify the brand’s products. Examples of this include BMW’s traditional oversized kidney grills, Audi with its DRT LEDs and long schnoz, et al. Now, word is that Lexus will too be doing the same with their new lineup by utilizing their new “spindle grille” design, which we’ve seen on cars such as the new GS and the LF-A.

This word comes after some new findings in Lexus’s trademark filings, where analysts were able to learn that Lexus’s new unique grill will be differentiated by a variety of inserts. One theory says that F-Sport models of the CT, IS, GS, RX and LS will don a zig-zag mesh while non-F-Sport models receive a horizontal only pattern.

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Within the same reports though, a new “vertical bar” design is said to potentially find its way on the next-generation IS.

Though, confirmation of these new design cues has yet to be announced by Toyota and Lexus themselves.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Kaizen Factor