Volt bringing in customers from other brands, 93% owners say they will buy the car again

The Chevrolet Volt is doing wonders for the brand. General Motors said today that it is winning new customers from the competition that are trading in their vehicles for the Volt. Vehicles that top the list of the most traded-in vehicle include the Toyota Camry, Toyota Prius, Honda Civic and BMW 3 Series.

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Trading in a 3 Series for a Volt? Times must be tough.

In a recent survey of Volt owners, 93 percent said that they would buy the car again.

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“Nearly seven in 10 Volt buyers are new to Chevrolet,” said Volt marketing manager Cristi Landy.  “With new customers coming to the brand because of the Volt, our dealers have a great opportunity to establish lasting relationships and introduce them to our entire Chevrolet product line up.”

– By: Omar Rana