Report: Renault and Alpine come together again for an all new racer

The names Renault and Alpine go together like Ford and Cosworth, especially in the motorsports industry. Back in their big days, Renault and Alpine came together to make the famous A110 “Berlinette” sports coupe—the body and such were made by Alpine while the engines were sourced from Renault.

Then, it wasn’t until the 1970s that the Alpine A110 truly came into its element by participating in a series of world rally car events including the 1971 Monte Carlo Rally and the World Rally Championship in 1973. So from motorsports alone, the Alpine Renault name is one with great prominence, and one, which commands some pretty big shoes to fill.

Recently though, Alpine and Renault announced that they’re back at it again with a new full-blown racecar, that dons the name, Alpine Renault A110-50. Currently, it’s just a conceptual prototype that apparently is fully drivable, thanks to its Renault Megane Trophy underpinnings, and that means a tubular chassis and a 3.5L mid-mounted V6 good for 360hp. Though other reports say, that power figure is expected to jump to at least 400.

Full details are expected to be announced at the full unveiling of the Alpine Renault A110-50 at this year’s Monte Carlo rally.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: ZerCustoms