Report: New Swedish company expresses strong interest in Saab


Saab’s fate has been a mixed bag ever since General Motors liquidated them as part of the GM corporate restructuring from bankruptcy a couple years back. First, the Chinese expressed interested, then that fell through…then they expressed interest again, and still, failed to come to an agreement. And while it is by all means sad to see an automobile manufacturer go, even Saab, who’s been around for decades but produced quite a bit of misses than hits, this whole back and forth “save Saab” thing just seems to be droning on and on.

However, new reports are saying that a new Swedish company is looking to purchase Saab. The company is called National Electric Vehicle Sweden and quite obviously, their efforts are for electric vehicles. But, not much else is known about NEVS.

But in the same reports, NEVS apparently has some financial backing from a Japanese-Chinese consortium.

“We have a very anonymous investment company that owns shares in this registered company, Sun Investment, but we still don’t know who’s behind it,” said Valdemar Lonnroth, a journalist at TTELA, the local newspaper in Trollhattan, Saab’s hometown. “We don’t know if it’s a Chinese or a Japanese company behind this conglomerate. Nobody has really a picture of what kind of resources they have or what their intentions are, besides the fact that they want to produce electric vehicles.”

Saab themselves, refused to comment.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoCar