Self-driving car legislation passes California Senate

Google Self-Driving Prius

California State Senate has passed a bill that allows for the sure of autonomous, self-driving cars on California roads.

SB1298 by State Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima) is going to establish guidelines for such self-driving cars to be tested and operated in the state. The bill will now head over to the Assembly for consideration next month.

A number of lawmakers were given rides in Google’s prototype autonomous Prius and ‘came away convinced that fostering this technology is the right direction for California.’

Google said that the self-dricing cars should eventually be safer than human driven cars.

“Human error is the cause of almost every accident on the road today,” Padilla said. “If autonomous technology can reduce the number of accidents, then we also reduce the number of injuries and fatalities on California’s roads. For me this is a matter of safety.”

Oh, the horror!

– By: Omar Rana