Report: Kia K9 to carry ‘Cadenza’ badge in the United States

A couple of days ago, an image of the new Kia K9 large sedan popped up on Twitter. What was so interesting about the image? Well, it showed Kia’s flagship sedan driving around Orange County, California. At the time, Kia spokesman said that the brand was still evaluating the K9 for the United States.

According sources that spoke with AutoGuide, when the Kia K9 does launch in North America, it will carry the Cadenza badge. The Cadenza name is used on an entirely different car in other warts of the world.

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We’re not sure (and nothing is official yet) when the K9/Cadenza will come to the United States, but AutoGuide says to look out for it later this year as a 2013 model year vehicle. Prices are expected to start around $50,000.

A $50,000 Kia? Good luck.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoGuide