Report: Martin Scorsese making ‘Silver Ghost’ film about Rolls-Royce

Rolls Royce is in the spotlight in a whole new way, with an upcoming film called “Silver Ghost”.

To add to the excitement, Martin Scorsese has been called upon to work on the film, which was written by Sharman Macdonald, Kiera Knightley’s mother.

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‘Silver Ghost’ depicts the life of Lord John Douglas-Scott Montagu, Charles Rolls and Henry Royce. As the founder of ‘The Car Illustrated’ magazine and the first member of the Road Board, Montagu was a British politician that helped make automobiles as big of a part of our lives as they are today. In addition, Montagu and his car made a splash of an entrance as the first car at the House of Commons, driving in sideways. Rumor has it that this role is to be played by Christian Bale.

This should be interesting, and something different from the ‘Fast and Furious’ type of films.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: Inside Line