Report: Kia planning new minivan after Sedona leaves next year

Kia KV7

The Sedona has officially been cut from Kia’s line up for the upcoming 2013 model year with no replacement, but it is rumored that the automaker will be jumping back into the segment with a 2014 model.

Confirmed by James Hope, a Kia spokesman, he says “We’re not going to get completely out of the segment. It’s a market that we’re still interested in being in.”

While Kia’s sales figures were up 10 percent on the Sedona from two years ago, the top seller in the segment, the Toyota Sienna moved 111,429 units last year, compared with Kia’s 24,047.

Kia showed a concept at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show called the KV7, and the brand’s concepts tend to hit production, so this may be something like what is expected for 2014.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: Autoweek