Report: Aston Martin DBS successor to take after One-77 design

So we know that the current Aston Martin DBS is on its way out. However, Aston themselves have remained fairly quiet about a successor. Either way though, we do know that there is one in the works, especially after some spy photos of a hot new, unmarked Aston popped up.

From the pictures, we can see that the DBS successor takes after the One-77 supercar’s design cues such as larger front air intakes, a more angular bumper, and reshaped headlights, all for a much more aggressive look.

So far, reports have been saying that the “DBS” nomenclature may also be dropped in favor of a full name. Some have even pondered that the new “DBS” may retake the “Vanquish” name.

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In those reports, power is also said to come from the usual 6.0L V12 that we’ve been familiar with, but with some new upgrades and a power boost. The body will also be lighter and more aerodynamic.

Predictions for an official unveiling are aiming for this summer.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoExpress