Mansory Ferrari 458 Spider Monaco Edition gets 590 horses

Tuning firm Mansory has just unveiled a new rendition of the Ferrari 458 Spider called the Monaco Edition and only three examples will be made.

Donning some similar work to a previous version of the 458 that they did, the body was modified to incorporate some cues from the Ferrari Enzo, such as the Formula 1-style schnoz. Other upgrades include a restyled front fascia to allow for better air flow, modified side skirts, and a revised rear fascia with a new integrated diffuser and rear wings.

The total amount of weight loss equated to 132lbs, which can make quite a bit of difference. To add, the ECU was reprogrammed while a new sports air filter and exhaust were added for a total of 590-hp and 413 lb-ft of torque. Sixty miles per hour comes up in 3.2 seconds for a top run of just 205 mph.

– By: Chris Chin