Report: In the future, your car could lose the CD player to reduce weight

Lexus GS CD Player

Automakers have been working hard to try to meet tightening government fuel economy regulations, and designer Michael Arbaugh has proposed a controversial way to help reduce weight, a big factor with fuel economy.

The year 2016 is rapidly approaching, and automakers are being forced to improve their U.S. fleet’s mpg ratings, from 27.5 mpg to 341 mpg for passenger cars, with a 23.5 mpg target for light trucks. This is difficult for a number of reasons, and the new requirement fights for automaker’s attention along with rapidly advancing technology and higher safety standards

Arbaugh’s vision is to do away with CD players in automobiles as a way to save an average of 5-lbs in weight, which is a big deal for automakers. Not only does it lighten the load but it also opens up some highly valuable space. With so many technical advancements and changes taking place, designers would easily replace the CD player.

Other automakers made proposals, as well at the Automotive Press Association in Detroit. Cadillac’s director of design Robert Boniface suggested an increase in carbon fiber usage amongst automakers, as the price will drop as it becomes more widely used.

As for the loss of the CD player, it sounds like a good idea, but it may be slightly ahead of its time. Perhaps this would be effective for models geared toward a very youthful audience. Let us know what you think. Do you care if automakers scrap the CD player?

By: Alexandra Koken

Source: Detroit Free Press