Video: Tony Hawk jumps over Lexus LFA on a skateboard… well, almost

Tony Hawk jumps over Lexus LFA

Being a celebrity definitely has its perks. Many company’s will loan you their products for a couple of days hoping that others will see you using it and get influenced to purchase it.¬†Lexus recently loaned skateboarding star Tony Hawk a very expensive LFA. After driving it for a couple of days, Hawk decided to jump over it on a skateboard.

“Thank you, @Lexus. It was fun while it lasted. Let’s pretend you didn’t see this photo (or the video that goes with it),” Hawk said on Instagram.

While it’s cool and all, I just wish Hawk jumped the car without the little ramp he used to get some air.

Check out the video after the jump.

– By: Omar Rana