Drunk man drives Lexus GS through a wall, into a pool

Lexus GS in Pool

The concrete wall that separates the Diaz family’s wall from the street is the frequent victim of vehicular crashes. Accidents happen so often that the family often jokes that someone is “going to end up in the pool.” Just recently, however, someone actually did end up in the Diaz’s pool.

On an early Sunday morning in California, the family was woken up by the sounds of Modesto Cabral driving his silver Lexus GS430 through the concrete wall and into the pool. The 40-year old La Puente resident managed to get out through the passenger window with no major injuries.

Janelle Diaz, 16, told the San Gabriel Valley Tribune “We woke up to an awful noise and looked outside, and a car was in the pool.”

Police arrested Cabal for suspected drunk driving.

By: Alexandra Koken

Source: SGVT (via CarScoop)