Report: Fisker Karma’s battery not to blame in Houston house fire

Last week, we told you about a house fire that broke out in Houston at the owner of a new Fisker Karma – with officials saying that the fire was started by the plug-in hybrid itself.

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So what caused the Fisker Karma to go up in flames? Was it the battery? Not at all. According to Jon Bereisa, CEO of consultancy Auto Lectrification, the first started due to poor packaging in the engine compartment and exhaust routing, which generated excess heat.

Fisker is also denying that the battery pack is at fault and said that it has dispatched its own squadron of engineers to take a deeper dive into the mess.

“There are myriad combustible materials that could be in the garage, in the wheel arch, or picked up on the roadside,” said Fisker spokesman Roger Ormisher. “They think the source is around the Karma, but they have not determined any cause yet. We have investigative teams, three insurance companies and the local fire chief all with their opinions. There are some question marks.”

– By: Roman Bronfenbrener

Source: AutoNews