Hofele Design gives Porsche Cayenne 474-hp, calls it Cayster GT 670

Porsche’s Cayenne II has been given an updated Cayster GT 670 styling package by tuning company Hofele Design.

The highlight of the kit is the nicely executed interior, which features two-tone “StarLight” leather seats, branded headrests and quilted accents.

For the exterior, the package comes complete with a “power dome” hood, a new front bumper, a rear diffuser, carbon fiber air intakes, extended wheel arches and a quad exaust.

The Cayster GT 670 can rest on a set of 20-22 inch alloy wheels, and can be lowered by 40mm when the model is going under 46mph.

Hofele Design also offers a performance tune that can make 296-hp and 479 lb-ft of torque, a 55-hp and 74 lb-ft of torque gain over the factory version. A kit is also available for the Cayenne S Hybrid that adds 100-hp and 116 lb-ft of torque, making the final output 474hp and 543 lb-ft of torque.

By: Alexandra Koken

Source: WorldCarFans