Survey: Young drivers agree its dangerous to use cell phones behind the wheel, do it anyway

Texting Driving

I’m going to go on the record and say that I’ve been guilt of both talking on my cellphone, texting, reading and replying to emails while driving – it’s not something I’m proud of (obviously) and I have started refraining from doing so.

However, the same can’t be seed for most of the young driving population. According to a new survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, young drivers admitted that while they agree its dangerous to use a cell phone behind the wheel, they knowingly engage in the action.

The survey asked young drivers between 16-21 years old about the driving behavior of their friends, parents and themselves. In the past 30 days, nearly 50 percent said that they spoke on cell phone and 30 percent said that they had texted while driving.

When asked about their peers, 84 percent witnessed their friends talking on the cellphone while 70 percent saw them texting. 50 percent of the respondents said their parents used a cellphone behind the when and 26 percent saw them texting.

63 percent said that they thought talking on the cellphone was dangerous while 97 percent agreed it was dangerous to text and to read/respond to emails.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Consumer Reports